Vendimia Rioja Alavesa


This year, our harvest was the earliest in the history of Bodegas Baigorri (Rioja Alavesa), it began the 8th of September with the red Maturana, and ended on Monday 10th October.

We have experienced an extreme summer in terms of temperatures and dryness, which has meant that the early varieties have been harvested one month earlier than the average of the last ten years.

In this harvest we have had less production than in previous years, and at the same time it has also been one of the best years in terms of grape health and quality. Aromatically, the grapes bring unbeatable conditions and a lot of strength that will provide us with a spectacular and impressive vintage 2022.

The work now continues in the winery with the vinification. After receiving the grapes, we carry out the manual selection, bunch by bunch, berry by berry. Gravity takes centre stage in the winery, allowing the grapes to reach fermentation in one piece, as we carry out the entire process vertically: all movements of the grapes or wine are by gravity, avoiding any type of mechanical pumping, thus avoiding damage to the grapes. All the work is carried out by gravity throughout the seven floors of the winery, from the selection tables with the reception of the grapes to the bottling, optimising all the phases of the winemaking process.

We are already looking forward to the 2022 vintage.

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