Baigorri viticultura y gestión sostenibles


Next to likeminded partner estates from Germany, Austria, Italy and Portugal, Baigorri and Granbazán become a member of the German association FAIR’N GREEN with its holistic approach to sustainable viticulture, operation and management. 


Bodegas Baigorri, the iconic winery from Rioja Alavesa, together with its sister company Bodegas Granbazán in Rias Baixas, after over 20 years since its founding, continues to stay on the forefront and become the first companies in Spain to obtain the sustainability certificate, after a rigorously analysis and consulting period, by FAIR’N GREEN , the holistic German system for sustainable viticulture.

Sustainability, defined as the sum of pillars like ecology, circular economy, value chain and responsible management, in Baigorri & Granbazán’s understanding has been the conductive thread, initially unconsciously as the most natural way and since some years ago like a responsibility. As big family we want to work with coherence, respect and integrity applying a holistic knowledge of wine to give back to each little plot its most inherent value and strength the commitment with sustainable practices among from the vineyards to consumers.

This certification is just the simple result of our respect for biodiversity and traditional knowledge; the coherence between what we do today and what we want for tomorrow; and the integrity to act locally, timely for continuous improvement with awareness of the global and interconnected environment and its close link to the community.

FAIR’N GREEN allows us to have a perspective of continuous development of our sustainability efforts by accessing a community of companies that share best practices, we enter an ecosystem that is key for our constant learning and improvement, as well as sharing our experiences to start creating hope by doing our part by 2030: neutralizing the impact print of BAIGORRI & Granbazán  as companies and family; promoting good practices to 50.000 people; recovering the biodiversity of our ecosystems; learning about great benefits that nature brings in the form wine and promoting sustainable choices and practices among consumers are some of our greatest goals.

Founded in 2013 FAIR’N GREEN was developed as a system to help winegrowers become more sustainable over time. The idea is transformation, not revolution. The certification consists of a set of around 200 criteria which are used to evaluate the company’s sustainability performance in all areas of sustainability.


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